Our Lumber Suppliers

Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Company began with a single lumber yard in 1931. This family-owned business created a following built on exceptional customer service and community involvement. Today, Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Company still sources the same high-quality wood and lumber products, while working to help develop and maintain environmentally sound practices alongside our core suppliers. read more »

Mountain Area Preservation

While Truckee-Tahoe Lumber’s success is in part a result of the development throughout our region over the last 85 years, we understand and respect the need for smart growth. We support and look to Mountain Area Preservation to “preserve the Truckee region’s community character and the natural environment for present and future generations.” read more »

Sierra Pacific Idustries

Customers often ask where we get our high-quality lumber from. As one of our main suppliers, Sierra Pacific provides the majority of lumber used to build our communities.  read more »